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ICOYC-cruise Marianhamina-Helsinki by Regan Peck, day 2

Day 2

Breakfast with the addition of some hot fresh rolls followed by a route review from the Captain. Today we will voyage to Kökar, The conversation diverges, the Captain's military service, Finland has mandatory military service. 6 months to 1 year to be an officer. However, Ålanders do not have to serve in the conscripted service. With the nearest neighbor to the south/east: Russia, “we must always be on our toes”. 

The Captain notes as an summer affair some fisherman aloft in Åland islands sometimes spots some small submarine and a hunt ensues. So while they don’t have to serve they are protected weather they desire it or not.

Additionally from a Finn's perspective they cannot buy land in Åland, foreigners even their own countrymen as it were are not allowed ownership. Our land for our people. I image this maintains a good character and sense of place keeping it small with less development, but who knows – centuries and centuries of conflict and tradition are manifest and still evolving. 

Kokär 3000 years a go for seals. People lived here 1000 and in Viking age it was too dangerous to live on Kokär (Chirka) but there was a church. The Hansa route went through this area hence the francescian monks … then 1784 made a church aka santa Anna – first born girl always named Anna. The steeple was used for navigation. 

The ship in the church was pirate ship and the man from Kokär was captured by some Dutch pirates and he said if he was freed he would return to Kokär and rebuilt the ship he was held captive on – he escaped, returned, built the ship and gave it to the church. 

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