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ICOYC-cruise Marianhamina-Helsinki by Ragan Peck, Day 5

Day 5

Örö to Kasnäs to Långholm to… Storlandet: well Dorthy we are not in Kasnäs anymore. 

A nice leisurely morning, and a walk to the northern point on Örö, from that point, an old military fortification you can see both sides, the protected harbor and the windward side, it looks like it will be a good day to sail – a direction unknown.

We depart to get water, fuel and pump out. The wind was really nice and we seem to make good time, and it was engaging to put the sails up. We made good time as we cruised in the wind and sun till we came to Kasnäs. 

Some shopping, some gas, some time on land. There was a large marina, a spa, hotel and a fish factory. I saw some strange smoked salmon, now I wish i had purchased: smoked salmon with blue cheese smoked on top? Apparently now one else on board has ever has this either and I guess we may never know. Always but the food. 

Långholm – the NJK has a yacht club out station, and they hosted a happy for all the guests of the cruise. The Svanhild is far to large to get to the outstation so, we take the dingy. I ended up in the first scouting dingy somewhat by accident, but happy I was. It was nice to be cruising low to the water, we finally found the destination, a beautiful ride. Of course I left my shoes on board. Day drinking problems. Oops. I stepped on land only to be whisked off again and invited for a beverage with the loveliest couple, the shoes – not required on boats. Upon further inquire about these snakes they keep warning us about – indeed they are poisonous, I had thought they were joking. Beware of the Wipers. 

Långholm was an enchanting spot and our host for the evening Jan and Anna put out a great, huge amount of cheese for all the guest of the cruise. Our ship with people from the Seattle Yacht Club and Kyoko and Naoki Yamanaka from the Suma yacht club in Japan.  In the larger group of boats, there are people attending from as far as Australia, Canada, Germany & England. (pardon if I missed your country!). 

And now, we are as I type, underway! A destination unknown. Somewhere better to moore for the night. We come to a Storlandet a very fine looking spot with beautiful granite rocks, pockets of tall reeds and as always nice pines on shore. This shall be home for the night. A nice place for a swim.  Beautiful summer cottages – this might be the place.  

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