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Ragans blog Day 7

Day 7 Ådö-Högholm

We are headed for Högholmen. This is a very nice spot, closer to Helsinki, we moore off a Coast Guard station. 

There is a happy hour in a house on the island, we dingy over through some mildly choppy seas to their dock. 

The house has a very nice view, and very cool deck cut into the rocks. And a puppy! These houses, this island is perhaps the 1% of Finland? 

They have a wood stand for the boxed wine, I think my friends on Fire Island need this. But to note, even the 1% here have an outhouse. So far I enjoy all the Finnish beers, America should learn their ways, instead of all this IPA swag, or as they say here, ”eeeepaw”.

 Back on board the crew has the Sauna ready, one must rush to get a beer and get in the Sauna. I got extra time, since the rest of the ladies were still in transit from the island. I came to the deck for some air and David had a net, catching these little fishes, anchovy like creatures. We joke with everyone on deck about eating them raw. David looks across the deck at everyone and bites the tail off one, and hands it to me, I take a bite. Oily, fishy. They would be delicious fried whole. 

For dinner there are Crayfish! Songs + vodka shots! It’s John’s birthday – Juha made an ice cream cake! Boat made chocolate ice cream! Dressed in whipped cream, frozen and torched like a baked alaska – kinda – it was delicious. To be remembered, Swedish songs make the best drinking songs, which should be short and quick. Gravity becomes to heavy and I slept better than ever. 

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