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ICOYC-cruise Marianhamina-Helsinki by Ragan Peck, Day 6

Day 6
Storlandet - Hanko – Munkshavn- Ådö

Departing Storlandet there is some rain. Overnight despite the crews best efforts to erect a tent over the cabins, one couple gets soaked. The beauty of a wood deck! Kati quickly sets to drying everything out and they solve the problems quick as ever. Time to get a little wet hoisting the sails. As we carry on the skies clear and we can squeegee the deck and resume our basking like marooned seals. 

Kati and I fooling about in the hammocks, what a lovely crew we have. The channel on the way to Hanko is narrow and fun to watch with all the traffic and people on shore since we are closer to the cities there is a population again. 

A moment of intrigue: a ferry-like leisure boat misses their dock a head of us and tries some ill-fated turn around in the narrow traffic filled channel, to no harm, they must continue on and wait to turn around till out of the maze of islands. 

And there goes the chef, in the dingy, he is off to greet his mother? Their summer cottage just around that island yonder. The charm of this place. He returns, speeding back to us, with a secret bounty of crawfish. The charm and wonder of it all. 

In Hanko it looks a large town, we tie at the industrial port with the cargo ships. We quickly take taxis to town to buy produce, wine and gin, the best Finnish Gin. Visiting the Marina it is packed as there is some speed boat competition, people seem well dressed, nice bags. There are tents set up with high-er end shopping, I got cute shoes, Riveras, appropriate for the Finnish Rivera. 

Back on board, there are nice seas rolling the Svanhild about in the sun. And now, we are as I type, underway! A destination unknown. We come to a protected cove no one can recall the name (Munckshavn)! We approached a rock face that looked promising, and I must have had a worried look fender in hand, Loury, smiled and relayed it’s not a worry the hull was wood and very thick. A few moments later – smack! A rock. So I guess it is no worry and we will not stay here. I am wistful it will be over soon. 

Ådö, Odö, a very fine looking spot with beautiful granite rocks, pockets of tall reeds and as always nice pines on shore. This shall be home for the night. A nice place for a swim.  Beautiful summer cottages – this might be the place. 

The unknowing of the destinations is the most magical feeling, wherever they take us there we will be. A nice feeling of implicit trust in our Captain. 

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